Objective of the activity

To educationally empower 90 children through scholastic materials and other health related materials in November 2020.

Problem statement

During home visits conducted in a period of April – October 2020, the supporting staff of Unit Circus Rwanda observed that most of children that they assist have lost most of their scholastic materials that they would use once the school year is get opened. Actually, those children used to attend with less or no materials that would support them in their studying. This was basically to poor living conditions of their families due to the inability to cater for the family’ basic needs. The Unit Circus has helped 9 street children that had no hope to return to school to enroll in schools. It was not easy to them to recover from schooling by little by little they are trying their best to recover. With its new program to fight against poverty, they have got school uniforms, note books, brushes and face masks to ensure that they are going to continue their studies.

Since the confirmation of the first COVID-19 case on 14th March 2020, the Government of Rwanda has issued instructions aimed at controlling and preventing its spread. These restrictions have had and continue to manifest severe devastating socio-economic effects on households who rely on daily incomes for their livelihoods. In particular, the COVID-19 Lock Down (important outbreak management strategy) paralyses all forms of casual livelihoods activities that used to help families of the children that Unit Circus supports. It is expected that the negative effects will continue during the transition phase and until the national economy fully recovers from COVID-19 shock. The community in which the UNIT CIRCUS RWANDA operates is characterized by a big number of single mothers and elderly caregivers with a high unemployment rate. This structure of the community leads to the failure to provide enough school materials, balanced diet, clothing and access to medical care when ill – there is no hope to a bright future. The UNIT CIRCUS RWANDA is caring for children from the families in the 1st and 2nd categories of the socio-economic classes “Ubudehe” as used in Rwanda today. The two groups are experiencing extreme poverty and are unable to meet their families’ basic needs. This deprivation of basic needs together with lack of opportunities and assets prevent the households from realizing their God intended quality of life.

So far, the UNIT CIRCUS RWANDA can only cover few basic needs and once their children are distributed, they feel so happy. The successful implementation of this activity will be the best result that our children will be showing at the end of this term. It is believed that educating these 9- children will impact positively to their lives, their families in increasing their level of income, reducing level of unemployment and as well as illiteracy will be alleviated.

Main Objective

The main objective of distributing scholastic materials to children supported by unit circus Rwanda was to empower and improve the standard of living in November 2020.

Specific objectives

The specific objectives of distributing scholastic materials to children supported by unit circus Rwanda in November 2020 were:

  • To enable children to attend their schools through providing scholastic materials.

  •  To facilitate children to get their health materials through providing teeth brush and face mask to prevent Covid-19 to the children supported by Unit Circus Rwanda.

  • To eradicate illiteracy among 9 children that were in street to well access their schools through providing school uniforms.

Background information

The current COVID-19 crisis have affected many households, as the opportunities to supplement household incomes by casual labor are not available or limited during and after the lockdown. Additionally, raising staple food prices put an additional burden on the vulnerable households. This implies that households that were in a vulnerable situation even before the COVID-19 (Ubudehe category 1 and 2) are now in a more insecure situation than before. It also implies that households that were not yet living below the poverty threshold before the COVID-19 have negatively affected by the lockdown and by social distancing and prevention measures in the transition phase after the lockdown. Unit Circus Rwanda is one of the companies in partnership with Friends Of Rwanda in the Western Province, Rubavu District, Rubavu sector in Gikombe cell. This has begun to work in 2019 with aims of Smile Face to the vulnerable children. In 2019, it has introduced the project of poverty reduction among families that have 90 children supported by Unit Circus. Currently, their parents are grouped in 4 group associations that work well. The experience acquired from educational empowering vulnerable children has revealed that educating children is to educate the nation. This will impact indirectly positively the whole families to increase their productivity as well as their income and transforming rural livelihoods and addressing poverty alleviation through getting enough nutrition at the household level and country wide as well.

The success of this intervention will be indicated by:

  • Possession of adequate skills to eradicate poverty among children supported by Unit Circus Rwanda and their families.

  • Regularly attending their school and better performance to the children supported by Unit Circus Rwanda and their families.

  • Getting smartness to the children among children supported by Unit Circus Rwanda.

  • Fighting against Covid-19 through wearing face masks among children supported by Unit Circus Rwanda and their families.

Before distributing the materials, the staff of Unit Circus Rwanda first explain their children on better management of those materials.

Intervention solutions

The implication of motivating vulnerable children is to possession of adequate skills to eradicate poverty among children will be successful in a key to transform the lives of those poor children in Kanembwe and specifically in Rubavu district to those children supported by Unit Circus Rwanda and their families. The children will get a day to day training by staff of Unit Circus to ensure that they are highly motivated to attend their schools and take care of their scholastic materials. The staff will regularly make a follow up to ensure the attendance of their school and better performance to the children supported by Unit Circus Rwanda and their families. In addition, the esteem is to get smartness to the children among children basically to those 9 children that have been in street to know if they are motivated to attend their school and know their rate of schooling. The Unit Circus Rwanda is joining its hands together with the local government to fighting against Covid-19 through frequently wear face masks among children supported by Unit Circus Rwanda and their families.

Implications of not receiving funding

The implication of not receiving the fund to support children in their education and health facilities would continue to live in educationally distress. The lack of necessities, low educational skills and illiteracy would persist and like that Unit Circus and its partner Friends Of Rwanda assisted beneficiaries and their families will fail to embrace their dream in fighting against poverty. The significant effects of deprivation of food, clothing and other basics hits the children most in the homes undermining their physical wellbeing and overall development. In addition, the remind is that many children would return to the road to become street children hence burden to the government.

Conclusion and recommendation

The Unit Circus Rwanda ends this report through giving thanks to all partners of the project of fighting against poverty. We would like to mention Friends Of Rwanda for their financial support and encouragement. We thank also the local government that has given us opportunity to perform on the land of Kanember cell. They have facilitated us to better working in good environment. Finally, to our staff that has lost their time in order to distribute those materials as to release children from poverty. May all get blessing from heaven.