After the flood damage in May 2023 in the RTC school and in the training companies (Martins Expert Home and German Expert Garage), as well as with some employees of the three facilities, we immediately started an appeal for donations. As a result, we received financial help from many people. The first chairman of Friends of Rwanda, Eliphaz Ntibizerwa and association member Martin Vincentz were on site from 05 to 14 July 2023 and personally saw how the donations were used. Here is their report. 

100% of the money we received was used to repair damage, repair buildings and some infrastructure. We did receive many pictures where you could see how the repair work was progressing. But since we couldn’t sit in Germany so quietly, Martin and I decided to fly to Rwanda at our own expense and see for ourselves how the work was progressing. We wanted to see for ourselves what could already be completed and what work is still needed to be done.

When we arrived, we were very surprised at how quickly and how well the repair work had progressed. The commitment of the employees is admirable, because they took matters into their own hands.

First it was about cleaning, removing the mud that was still in the buildings, cleaning the yards and then the repairs. The students, the teachers, the staff, everyone pitched in.

In the meantime, the basketball court is functional again. All the walls that were damaged have been repaired. The gates that had been washed away by the water were repaired and the place regained its original appearance.

We would like to thank all donors for their support!