Appeal for donations: Flooding in Rwanda

Since the end of March, people in Rwanda have had to fight against unimaginable forces of nature: extremely heavy rains in recent weeks have flooded the country. In the region where Friends of Ruanda works, the Sebeya River burst its banks on May 3.  The site of the school and training hotel, built with support from Friends of Ruanda, was flooded. Numerous damages to buildings and equipment make further operation difficult or impossible. Also teachers of the school and friends are partly affected with their private houses. After our partner organizations sent us pictures of the destruction, we realized the full extent of this tragedy.

A video of the current situation on the ground:

Friends of Ruanda wants to help with the restoration and repair of buildings and infrastructure. Currently, only monetary donations help to finance materials and labor for the reconstruction.

Donate with the reference “Flood RTC” to the account of:

Friends of Ruanda e.V.
IBAN: DE39 6106 0500 0485 9160 29

We would like to thank the Stuttgarter Zeitung, which reported on the appeal for donations.

Every amount helps! Thank you very much!