2024-03-18 Our weltwärts volunteers Karl, Emmy and Viola have made a video that gives you a great insight into the lives of our volunteers in Rwanda.

Rwanda has some beautiful places, as you can see in the video. But the people in the Land of a Thousand Hills also have a lot of challenges to overcome. And that’s where people like Karl, Emmy and Viola come in! They are really committed to helping the country and making a difference.

In the video, the three of them talk about their varied everyday lives as volunteers in Rwanda. They have some interesting projects on the go and work closely with the local people. The sending organization and the local partner organizations play an important role in this.

Before you apply to volunteer, listen to the tips from Karl, Emmy and Viola! They have some interesting information for you, for example what you should look out for when choosing a sending organization.

So, watch the video and get inspired! Karl, Emmy and Viola show that you can make a real difference with commitment and a great team!