Help young people in Rwanda to get a good education!

Secondary schools in Rwanda are mostly private schools and they charge school fees. Our partner organization Rubavu Technical College (RTC) is a private school, too. The school has to charge the parents of the students per trimester to cover the running costs. Especially families on the fringes of Rwandan society do not have the resources to pay these fees, as they are mostly concerned with feeding their families even in a makeshift way.

Since financial support for the families does not help in this case, we have developed a scholarship program for an education at the RTC, where the scholarship covers all costs incurred for a three-year education at the upper secondary level.

All expenses, starting from school fees, necessary purchases for boarding school (mattress, suitcase, toiletries, school clothes, etc.), learning materials (books, notebooks, pens, etc.), travel expenses and a small pocket money are financed by the scholarship, thus enabling gifted children to receive a school education that would be unattainable for them without such a scholarship.

The costs per year of education currently amount to approximately 600 EUR, but must be recalculated for each school year. Those who do not wish to finance a complete scholarship can contribute any amount they wish. The scholarship can be transferred either as a one-time payment or in ongoing installments.

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