Would you like to sponsor a Rwandan child and help ensure that he or she receives a school education? With a sponsorship, you commit to paying a minimum annual donation for the education of a child. You have personal contact with your sponsored child and can thus directly experience his or her development.

With a contribution of your choice, you can become a sponsor for as little as 50 EUR per year! Each amount counts, because for Rwandan families 50 Euros more or less can already decide whether a child can go to school or not:

  • Parents of a child of primary school age pay around 50 EUR a year for school uniforms and teaching materials.
  • Secondary schools, which are often private schools in Rwanda, cost about 80 EUR per trimester. With 240 EUR, you can finance a child’s secondary education for one year.

The sponsorship program is a cooperation with our local partner organization CLCP-Dusugire, which takes care of the distribution of the funds. Dusugire also supports us in the selection of your sponsored child.

Please read also an article from 14.12.2007 in the Göttingen NWZ.

Are you interested? Do you want to help and take over a sponsorship? Contact us at info@friends-of-ruanda.org if you have further questions.