In cooperation with Kulturförderkreis Zachersmühle e.V., Friends of Rwanda e.V. celebrated the tenth anniversary of sending weltwärts volunteers to Rwanda on 8 September 2018. A report by Katrin Liebler

08 September 2018: We celebrated our Africa festival in beautiful Rwanda weather and in the relaxed atmosphere of the Zachersmühle. Beautiful homemade flags with African motifs greeted the numerous guests who attended. The occasion for the party was the tenth anniversary of the weltwärts volunteers being sent to Rwanda.

Former volunteers had put together a fantastic programme. They talked about their assignments and used pictures and videos to tell the guests about their year as volunteers in Rwanda. The stories of their assignments were very impressive and you could feel how much fun they had had. The feeling of really making a difference and doing a lot of good even with small things has left a lasting impression on them. Hats off to these young people with heart and commitment! The respective partners of the projects were also invited to introduce themselves. They manage the projects in Rwanda and work closely with Friends of Rwanda.

And what should not be missing at an Africa festival?

Drums, of course! They accompanied a very special fashion show. The models were members of the organisation. They were able to show off the beautiful, colourful traditional dresses from Africa, which were all handmade with feminine cuts and fabrics – something very special!
The drums encouraged people to dance and so the African group “Mayi Afrika” from Karlsruhe created a great atmosphere and soon the dancing was exuberant.
Of course there was also African food and drink. Thanks to the Zachersmühlen team, who conjured up culinary delights based on one of our recipes. Home-brewed beer, tea and coffee from Rwanda rounded off the offer.

The small but excellent arts and crafts stall offered beautiful scarves, bags, jewellery and other handicrafts. Coffee and tea from Rwanda could also be bought here.

The evening approached and before the Africa disco ended the supporting programme, there was an artistic performance by Reinhard Geller. “Lullaby for an Underwater Continent”. Music was combined with moving paintings. You could let this work its magic in subdued light and silence.

Soon after, the disco was opened and the party simply continued. The numerous guests and hard-working helpers had well and truly earned it.

A colourful and cheerful Africa festival came to an end well after midnight.